If you wish to become a member of Sydhavnens Windsurfer Club, you can read this information about us first and see if it´s something for you. 

About the club and membership

We're offering a social windsurfing community, equipment to borrow (for an annual fee) and possibility for storage for your own personal equipment.

We'd like to point out that we're a community and NOT a surfschool and there is no organized teaching. Therefore, if you haven't windsurfed before we suggest that you take beginners classes with our friends at Copenhagen Surf School, who teach windsurfing at Amager Strandpark.

If you're already an experienced surfer or you've done a beginners course already, or you have the necessary skills to progress on your own saely on the water, you can sign up for the waiting list for membership. We open up for new members twice a year, in may and august. The number of new members each year is due to the actual capacity. 

When there is place for you , you will get a mail with information how to sign up and pay the membership fee. After that you should sing up for an introduction day (see calendar) so that you can be introduced to our club, our surfspot and the equipment. If you dont have your own equipement you should also sign up and pay for use of club equipement. We have mostly beginners boards but a few intremediate ones. 

If you need storage for your own gear you can sign up on the waiting list for a shelf, but you need to be a paying member first. 

Read more about shelves and using the clubs equipment:

Click here!

Prices for members 18+:

  • Annual fee: 400 DKK.
  • Subscription for using the clubs equipment: 350 DKK per season.
  • Subscription for a shelf: 350 DKK per season.
  • Key for the club: there's a fee of 100 DKK (the same thing applies if you lose your key and need a new one).

Prices for 15-18-year olds

  • Annual fee: 400 DKK. This includes using the clubs equipment.
  • Key for the club: there's a fee of 100 DKK (the same thing applies if you lose your key and need a new one).
  • We'll need your parent's/guardian's written permission that you can become a member (send us at

The surfing season:

We only surf from the 1st of April until the 1st of november, and everyone pays a full fee for the season no matter the time of subscription. The annual fee for regular members is charged in April. 




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Sydhavnens Windsurfer Club

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