Club rules and more

The sport of surfing is generally embossed by freedom and a chill attitude. Both are something we greatly appreciate here in SWC.

However, we do have a set of rules concering usage of our club and handling of our stuff. Our rules are neither very abundant nor very firm. But they do help us having a club that's nice and tidy, and where the beginners equipment actually is available and sailable. Therefore, please respect the following.

When in the club: 


  1. Clean up after yourself, and if you're cool, please do just a tad more that that so that there's room for forgetting once in a while. We don't have cleaning personal hired, so everything is on a voluntary basis. If you sweep the floor once in a while or take out the trash, eternal glory and good surf karma will come to you.
  2. Remember the lock and alarm! When you're the last surfer leaving, rememer to lock all the rooms, including the shed, the containers and the club house, and put on the alarm. Also put a lock on the club in the unlikely event that you're the only surfer left on land and your going on the water. 


When using the club's equipment:

  1. Always carry the equipment with the wind in your back. That way, it won't blow on top of you, and it's much easier for you to control.
  2. Remember to do a safety check to see, if the equipment has suffered damage prior to your using it, so that it won't fail you when out on the water. Install the boom at a proper height while still on land.
  3. Put the sail in the water before the board, as the board drifts and may hit rocks.
  4. When coming out on the water, it's board first and then sail - in that order.
  5. Sailing with trapez on our equipment is a no-go. Two many sails have died this way. Use trapez on your own stuff when you're good enough.
  6. Don't leave the stuff on top of the staircase blocking it to others. Bad karma.
  7. Same thing when throwing a break mid session. Don't leave stuff in the water either.
  8. Rinse the wet suit in our outdoor "shower" (on the right hand side of our club house) when done, and hang it on a hanger.
  9. If anything breaks, tell us at Also put a note on it, so that no one else accidentally takes it on the water.
  10. Be a good buddy and remind others to take care of the stuff.
  11. Club equipment can only be brought on surf trips if arranged with the club before hand.


When your on the water there's a long way to nearest help. Therefore, it's important to be properly prepaired if anything should happen. On this link, you can read about safety for windsurfers and how to act in different scenarios: Søsportens sikkerhedsråd 

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