Spotguide for “Hullet” ("The Hole")

Sydhavnens Windsurf Club is in Valby Parken at the waters Kalveboderne. It's generally refered to as "Hullet", meaning The Hole. Hullet is only 5 km away from Københavns Rådhusplads, and there's easy access by car and by public transportation.

Below you see a map over Hullet with markings of things you need to be aware of when surfing in Hullet. You can click on the individual markings for further information about each object. The club is marked with a yellow house. If you click on it, you'll se a description of the way there.

The very last part of the roadway to the club is blocked by a road barrier. All members of the club receive a code for opening the road barrier so that they can drive to the club by car. Members who go by car without equipment in the car are encouraged to walk this last part, as there's a limited amount of parking space by the club.

Hullet is very well suited for beginners. The surf spot is shallow and sheltered, so you can't drift to sea, and there's a fair chance you can stand on the bottom most places. However, we discourage beginners from surfing in offshore winds, that is from the North. Northern wind is seldom though, so that means most days are great for beginners.

Because of shallow waters, there can be a lot of sea weed during the summer. Therefore, use a weed fin for your board.

During the winter, Hullet is a protected area for birds, and therefore, surfing is prohibited for the 1st of November until the 31st of March. We refer our members to the limited area outside of Hvidovre Havn or to Amager Strandpark during this period. Read more about the protection period here: Fredningsinfo.

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Sydhavnens Windsurfer Club

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