Information on shelves

SWC offers shelves for storage of personal equipment. We have around 200 shelves for rent. On a shelf you can typically store a board, a couple of masts, a boom and three sails. We encourage our members to not rent more shelves than what one actually needs, as we have a long waiting list and a lot of hopeful new members in need of shelves. Equipment cannot be stored in between the shelves (with the exception of smaller items such as bags/boxes for fins and other stuff). Vi also encourage that you bring your wetsuit etc. home after use, so that we dont store too many wet things in our containers, as humidity is always a problem.

A shelf costs 350 Danish Crowns pr. season.

SWC is a WINDSURF club, so the shelves are not for kajaks or SUP's. For storage of those we refer to Hvidovre Kajakklub or Copenhagen Watersports.

As we have a limited amount of shelves and wish as many active members as possible, we encourage that you only rent shelves for equipment that is actually in use. 

Waiting list

We currently don't have any available shelves for rent. Click HERE to sign up on our waiting list.

Because of demand, each member is only permitted to rent two shelves. When there's an available shelf for you, you'll receive an email with an invitation to registrer as a shelf owner.


When you've received your invitation for a shelf by email, you'll have to registrer through a link in the email. Before you do so, please read the conditions below. If you're not interested in accepting the shelf, please choose "deltager ikke" ("not participating") in the link. 


  • Payment for the shelf/shelves is once a year, on April the 1st.
  • Shelves that are not payed for will be cleared by May the 1st after notification by email, after which the equipment will be stored in the club for a short while, and thereafter it will either be used as club equipment or sold. Any income from this goes to the club.
  • Storage in the club is at your own risk, and each member is individually responsible that the equipment is stored correctly on their own shelf.
  • Members are responsible for insuring own equipment as the club har no insurance for personal equipment. As the containers are shared by several members, we encourage that members check with their insurance companies if they have demands for how equipment needs to be locked away in order to be covered in case of lose or theft as this can vary between companies.

Overview of shelves

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The club has a trailer that can be borrowed by members for carrying equipment on surf trips outside of our spot. The ordinary key for the club also fits the trailer. Please contact us on email to book the trailer. Remember to check if the tires are properly inflated and if the braking lights function before going.


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